Resstende’s support in the design of PizzAut restaurants continues: the new social inclusion space in Monza, after that of Cassina de Pecchi, is also equipped with custom-made solar shading.

For the setting up of the interior spaces, Resstende has created 21 solar shading model F 101 with metal chain operation equipped with a stop to ensure the management of the curtains in complete safety.

Angelo Vismara, Resstende sales technician comments: “We have worked on a design that is attentive to the needs of the public, that is the people who will attend this special restaurant, but also to all those who work there. We followed the project from the embryonic stages of development alongside the architect Carlo Orlandi – continues Angelo Vismara, commercial technician Resstende. – His expertise, combined with the efficiency of the team of our installers, has ensured high standards of quality and aesthetics for the new local Monza“.

Gionata Bilardello, area manager Resstende comments: “We have proposed the same colour choice of the curtains made in Cassina de Pecchi, not only to respect the stylistic coherence between the two rooms, but also to recreate a family atmosphere to the beautiful team of guys who work there, helping them to settle immediately in this new space“.

In particular, for the protection of the large windows divided into 5 windows have been made 16 screens with white cloth – cod. 38044 and the remaining 5 with red cloth – cod. 38255, alternating colours just like in the headquarters in the province of Milan.

The fabric chosen is the Soltis Perform 92, shading and with opening factor 4% that characterizes the micro-perforation of the cloth. Offering excellent transparency from the inside, along with excellent glare control avoiding heat ingress up to 97%.

Nico Acampora, founder of PizzAut concludes: “Also this time the support of Resstende was fundamental, whose curtains have shielded the windows completely obscuring the view from the outside and ensuring the confidentiality and protection necessary to host our President of the Republic during the opening event of the second restaurant PizzAut after that of Cassina de Pecchi.”