On June 7, the Museo del ‘900 in Mestre hosted the event “Reflections on a Sustainable Tourism Project,” organized by MC International, Welcoming Gate Projects & Development. Sponsored by Resstende, the event provided a broad overview of projects and initiatives related to sustainable tourism and local hospitality.

The first session focused on “Reflections on a Sustainable Tourism Project.” Maura Manzelle and Laura Fregolent from the IUAV University of Venice explored the theme of sustainable tourism and discussed urban and territorial transformation processes. Roberto Perocchio from Assomarinas delved into nautical tourism, and Francesca Sartor from the SAVE group spoke about actions for sustainable air mobility development.

The focus of the day was the waterfront redevelopment project for the port areas of Venice and Chioggia, a project aligned with the one developed by the RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop and OBR – Open Building Research, namely the Levante Waterfront in Genoa.

In this successful case study presented by architect Luigi Priano, Partner & Director of the RPBW studio, Resstende designed and installed 1,280 motorized external roller blinds distributed across the four levels of the four buildings in the new residential complex, with 80 blinds per floor and 320 blinds per building. The goal of both waterfront projects – Levante in Genoa and those in Venice and Chioggia – is to create intersections between urban and port functions, improving the quality of life through innovative solutions that integrate residential, commercial, and recreational spaces with the surrounding maritime context.

The day proved to be a success in terms of engagement and idea exchange among industry leaders.