The Resstende team designed and installed 1,280 motorized external roller blinds across the four levels of the four buildings in the new Levante Waterfront residential complex in Genoa: 80 blinds per floor and 320 blinds per building.

The Levante Waterfront project, led by the visionary architecture firms RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop and OBR – Open Building Research, establishes a new landmark on the Genoa waterfront, transforming what was previously the back of the port into a new urban front facing the sea.

Architect Luigi Priano, Partner & Director at RPBW, comments: “The Resstende research and development department, working closely with us, supported us in developing a specific solution for this project. One of the cornerstones defined in the Masterplan phase was the energy sustainability of the buildings. We know that solar shading can accomplish this by reducing energy consumption. Resstende was chosen as the supplier due to the need to create a solar shading system that could withstand the extreme environmental conditions typical of the seaside location, ensuring the durability and livability of the terraces.”

The chosen shading for the building complex was the Dallas 110 vertical roller blind with the Traction Kit 60. This integration keeps the fabric perfectly tensioned even in windy conditions. The selected fabric, Sunscreen Satinè 5500 code M02, with its three-thread structure in white, turquoise, and sand colors, offers a dual color effect: more blue on the outside and more gray on the inside. Additionally, with an openness factor of 4%, it ensures the required energy savings while providing excellent visual comfort inside the homes by reducing solar glare and enhancing the view of the surrounding panorama.

Angelo Furia, Senior Project Manager at Resstende, comments: “It is always inspiring to work with the RPBW team, who push us to exceed standards and provide innovative solutions that can amaze the market and ensure visual and thermal comfort for those living in the environments.”

Resstende met the architectural studio’s need to respect the facade’s geometry with both open and closed blinds, maintaining perfect dimensional coherence between the fabric and the window frame. This required creating narrower blinds on the curved sides of the buildings, offering a more rounded optical view of the building even with the blinds down.

Architect Simone Pesenti, Technical Department at Resstende, adds: “Collaborating on projects like this is a true challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to combining aesthetics and functionality, responding to the specific needs of contemporary architecture.”

Installation was also a crucial aspect of Resstende’s intervention. Along with the architectural and functional beauty of the Resstende solar screens, their impeccable installation highlights the company’s commitment to enhancing the aesthetic and functional value of the Levante Waterfront, making the project not only a technical success but also an added value for the city.

“It is thanks to the longstanding collaboration with the RPBW architecture studio and, in this particular case, with architect Luigi Priano, that such an ambitious result was possible. In every project, it is this close relationship of contact and mutual trust that allows us to enrich our experience and set new market standards,” concludes Fabio Gasparini, CEO of Resstende.

Photo credits: Andrea Botto