Another milestone has been reached by Resstende, which has made its know-how available to Bluegame, the brand of boatyards and luxury yachts, by designing and manufacturing completely custom-made blinds using unique, cutting-edge fabrics and production technologies. 

The experience of Resstende’s research and development department has resulted in a double-guide roller blind system that perfectly complements the design of the prestigious BGX60 and BGX70 yachts. Tailor-made for nautical environments, the solution perfectly respects the sloping profile of the transom window, guaranteeing sun protection and improving visual comfort without sacrificing the splendid view of the outside panorama. 

In the BG72 boat, with its even more inclined geometry, on the other hand, it was necessary to integrate the exclusive forced traction device, the Traction Kit, which, thanks to gas pistons, ensures the correct tensioning of the canvas and its correct sliding in the guide.

The fabric selected is Soltis Horizon 86, characterised by unparalleled transparency while blocking up to 93% of heat when used outdoors. It is a fabric that encourages the right amount of natural light while providing important energy-saving benefits.

“Our constant commitment to excellence has been recognised and rewarded with the launch of the partnership with Bluegame. For Resstende this collaboration represents an important milestone, an opportunity that has allowed us to broaden the horizons of our market by introducing our systems for the first time in a new sector, that of luxury boatyards,” said ANGELO FURIA, SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER RESSTENDE.