In partnership with Theatro, Resstende participated in the restoration and retrofit of Rome’s Rinascente store, which was assigned to 2050+.

In honour of its  60th, the restyling of the Rinascente store of Piazza Fiume, Rome, focused on targeted projects which worked in unison with the original  store design as envisioned by Franco Albini and Franca Heg, The retrofit embodies the dynamic dialogue between the need to conserve the integrity of the original design and the need to update.

Resstende contributed to the retrofit to the store’s sixth floor, where the goal was to open up the space by substituting the front cover with an angled skylight on multiple levels.

20 freehanging motorized roller blinds, thanks to the Conston system, with pearl white E-screen fabric – cod. 30303 were designed and installed to screen the large windows of the skylight, providing visual and thermal comfort to allow guests of the Food Market to experience the spaces while enjoying a unique view of the Aurelian Walls. “The peculiarity of the systems created is that they follow the different inclinations of the skylight, for this reason we can see that some curtains have triangular canvases, so as to completely screen the windows. Furthermore, the awnings were installed above the roofing carpentry in order to hide the mechanics and guarantee the best aesthetic impact.” explains Riccardo Gasparini Managing Director of Resstende.

Photo credits:
Alessandro Saletta, Agnese Bedini, DSL Studio

Partner di progetto:
AGC Class Europe
Assa Abloy