In the bustling month of April, the focus of the design world shifts to the prestigious setting of the Milan Furniture Fair, and Resstende has not been absent among the protagonists of the eclectic Fuorisalone scene.

For the 2024 edition, Resstende was a protagonist at the inauguration of La Boutique, a true crucible of ideas and inspiration in the context of contemporary living, located at Via Pisoni 6 in Milan, born from the enlightened vision of the architecture firm Studio Rotella.

In a suggestive setting in the heart of Milan, in the renowned Brera district, La Boutique stands out as the oasis of excellence for architects and designers, offering synergies and cutting-edge solutions to shape and personalize new living, working, and hospitality environments.

Architect Fabio Rotella has skillfully orchestrated every detail of La Boutique, transforming it into a captivating tale of aesthetics and functionality, with the precious contribution of the Resstende installation.

The fundamental concept that permeates the space is to amalgamate, diffuse, and share the diverse professional experiences that, synergistically intertwined within La Boutique, give invaluable added value. And Resstende, with its distinctive presence, harmoniously fits into this context.

The appointment is already set for the next edition of Milan Design Week, where Resstende will continue to weave the fabric of connections and inspirations in the contemporary design panorama!