Resstende has always been alongside the associations and has decided to renew its participation in the PizzAut project, the social inclusion laboratory aimed at autistic guys. The link between the association and the company dates back to last year with the installation of 13 internal roller blinds for the Cassina de’ Pecchi restaurant in Milan. This year the initiative moves to Brianza precisely in Monza. Brick by brick, as the founder Nico Acampora is keen to point out, the first pizzeria in the city run by autistic kids will be built.

As soon as we learned of the splendid project that Nico was planning to carry out, we wasted no time and immediately worked to be among the companies that will contribute to the creation of this very important place of aggregation and inclusion in the heart of Brianza.” comments Carlotta Gasparini, Administrative Director of Resstende.

On the occasion of World Autism Day which occurs on 2nd April, the new pizzeria in Monza will be inaugurated. The structure will host 25 autistic guys and will host 350 seats thanks to a total area of 1,100 m2 and 222 m2 of academic training kitchen.