Resstende, thanks to Edilpiù, has played a leading role in an extraordinary project that celebrates the art of urban architecture and its ability to surprise and inspire. With the generous contribution of the iconic Sunscreen Satinè 5500 fabric in bright green – code 30618, Resstende has contributed to the creation of one of the fascinating squares featured in the exhibition “PIAZZE: PHENOMENOLOGIES OF THE UNEXPECTED. AN INCOMPLETE COLLECTION OF CONTEMPORARY URBAN SURFACES.”

Curated by orizzontale and graphically designed by Atto, the exhibition explored 40 squares designed and built in the 21st century, offering a diverse view of contemporary urban surfaces. At the heart of this exhibition, the Sunscreen Satinè 5500 fabric donated by Resstende played a fundamental role in transforming a space, contributing to creating a welcoming and flexible environment.

Designing architectures generally means shaping a ‘program’—a structured list of activities that will take place in the space to be designed. This is not the case with a square. Designing a square inevitably means confronting the absence of a program or, perhaps better, its absolute irrelevance. Not that it is impossible, and even useful, to envision uses for the new place. Yet, what determines the success of a square is never the ability of the place, once built, to satisfactorily accommodate the intended uses, but rather its attitude to welcome all those unforeseen uses…

These words, taken from the exhibition’s presentation, reflect Resstende’s philosophy of providing flexible and innovative solutions in the field of solar shading. Our company supports the creation of open spaces that not only meet the planned needs but also embrace the unexpected, creating places that invite surprise and inspiration.

The Sunscreen Satinè 5500, with its impeccable design and performance, seamlessly integrates into this context. Its versatility allows it to adapt to various situations, ensuring comfort and sun protection without compromising aesthetics.

The exhibition, originally hosted in Florence in 2022 and rearranged on December 7, 2023, at the charming Rocca Estense in Lugo, is a journey through urban innovation. Resstende is honored to have been part of this journey, contributing to the dialogue on the transformation of contemporary urban spaces.

  • Exhibition curated by orizzontale
  • Graphic design by Atto
  • Co-produced by LAMA Impresa Sociale
  • Promoted by the Municipality of Lugo, Edilpiu, and ProViaggiArchitettura
  • Supported by Resstende, Plazzi, Qu Lighting, Silla
  • Ph © Gianluca Gasperoni