2023 promises to be a year full of meetings and opportunities for the exchange of ideas for the Resstende company. Thanks to its spirit of innovation and vision for the future, it does not miss the unmissable appointments for its sector.

In particular, in March the company will kick off by participating in the Construma fair in Budapest, the flagship fair for the Hungarian construction sector. A unique opportunity for Resstende to broaden its knowledge and let a new market discover its made-to-measure and Made in Italy services.

The events on the agenda do not stop here, continuing with Project Qatar in May, the international exhibition of building technologies and construction materials, which this year reaches its 19th edition.

Finally, the BIG 5 Dubai in December, where once again this year Resstende has decided to renew its participation to consolidate relations with this extraordinary country full of prospects for the future in the construction sector.

In Resstende we are thrilled to be able to participate in important international trade fairs, as it allows us to strengthen and at the same time create new ties with the construction industry event.” comments Riccardo Gasparini Managing Director in Resstende.