Resstende once again reconfirms its interest in being part of important projects aimed at urban regeneration. This is The Bridge, the renovation of three buildings that has given life to a new Urban Office Campus, in the heart of Milan. The company, together with the Oneworks design studio, has made its know-how available in favour of a creation that makes sustainability a key element.

The intervention involved the design and construction of 290 solar shading systems, of which 184 systems for indoors and 106 for outdoors. In particular, a custom arm system was studied and installed on the wall in via San Giovanni using the Sunscreen Satinè 5500 fabric – Black/Bronze colour, cod. 33006 as a cover for the external windows on the ground floor of the building. In the offices on the ground floor we find the roller blind model F 109, while from the first to the sixth floor the F 110, both combined with the Soltis Touch fabric in the White shade Carrara – code 53937 with an opening factor of 3% which makes it perfect for containing energy consumption.

In Via Porlezza 12 however, the building has a structure characterized by a double glass skin. Once the need to screen the windows emerged, Resstende installed the Ress Flex 01 system externally, but inside the double skin, combined with fabric Sunscreen Satinè 5500 in White Pearl – cod. 30027, improving the energy performance of the structure. For the screens inside the offices on the upper floors, we find the F110 roller blind model, with motor operation combined with the M-Screen fabric – Pearl White cod. 33207, perfectly integrated with the modern and sophisticated style of the offices.

Finally, in Via Porlezza 8, 6 completely custom shades, equipped with Traction kit 55 without box, were built for the external sloping roof of the glazed skylight of the elegant meeting room located on the ground floor of the building. Thanks to the Sunscreen Satinè 5500 fabric in Pearl White – cod. 30027 the environment is comfortable ensuring effective management of natural lighting. Internally on the ground floor we find the F110 roller blind system, motorized. Also in this case the chosen fabric is Soltis Touch white Carrara – cod. 53937. Instead, for the remaining work spaces on the upper floors, the F 102 chain roller blind model was installed for the windows with E-Screen fabric – Pearl Gray cod. 30328, and the motorized F 114 for the doors, always combined with the E-Screen fabric but in the White version – cod. 30302.

We are increasingly proud to be part of important projects that allow regenerated spaces to be relived again, with improvements in the quality of life and in the economic and environmental sphere as in this case with The Bridge.” said Rossella Gerosa, Resstende Project Manager.