A 110-m² physical stand, a team dedicated and attentive to the needs of all visitors, the presentation of the latest innovations in terms of fabrics and headboxes – these are the aspects that rendered Resstende’s presence at the first physical fair of 2021 a success. 

THANKS TO THE RESSTENDE SHANGHAI NOOSA HEADQUARTERS, LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE CHINESE CITY, THE AGRATE BRIANZA COMPANY WAS ONE OF THE MAIN PROTAGONISTS OF THE EXHIBITION EVENT. “The permanent staff in Shanghai was of fundamental importance, both in handling the preparations and throughout the course of the fair. We are grateful to every collaborator for the efforts demonstrated at this venue for the success of the event in grand style,” comments RICCARDO GASPARINI, Managing Director of Resstende. 

The exhibition at R+T Asia consecrated the company’s presence amongst the protagonists of the Chinese scene. Appreciated by international visitors, as well as by Asian designers, companies, architects and design studios, Resstende proved to be up to the challenge. “It was truly invigorating to have attracted such a vast and attentive audience to the latest innovations on display, in particular the square headboxes and the new fabric collections. We were able to give life to a project focused on the importance of harmony with the headquarters in Agrate Brianza, adapted to the needs of the Asian and international public. This has allowed us to give voice to the strong connection with the headquarters, whilst also being firmly interwoven in the Asian economic fabric. Hence, ONE PARTNER, DOUBLE THE BENEFITS,” comments KENZO TAMADA, China Branch Director & Export Manager.

Resstende is already looking towards the future and to the new opportunities waiting around the corner. Furthermore, the proposal of the local trade fair body, VNU Asia based in Shanghai, has been welcomed with great pleasure. Given the success of the Resstende stand during the 2021 edition, the company was entrusted with constructing a stand that would be even more captivating in an exceptionally advantageous area of the Chinese pavilion during the next edition of R+T Asia.