Resstende contributed to the implementation of the Bassi Business Park renovation project in Milan. More specifically, over 1,200 internal sunscreens F 101 systems were custom-made with ceiling fastening, on all the continuous glazing of the architecture. The international prestige of Resstende is in fact linked to the high quality and exclusive design of the modern and innovative technical blinds, enhancing the essentiality of the contemporary style furnishings. For this reason, it was chosen the fabric Silkshade Alu in light grey colour, characterized by a linear structure that gives the rooms a timeless minimal elegance, supported by the sheen of the fabric that recalls that of silk. Its 3% apeness factor allows you to maintain external visibility and an effective anti-reflection effect, ensuring excellent visual comfort to better enjoy working environments. Furthermore, being a fabric with an aluminised back it reflects the sun’s rays, ensuring a comfortable temperature even during the summer months.

Once again the screen system designed by Resstende manages to integrate harmoniously to offer a remarkable visual impact and an effective solution to the needs of the client.

Angelo Vismara, Resstende Sales Technician, said: “The construction site was particularly stimulating for us, not so much for the technical complexity, but for the considerable quantity and for the high standard of the finishes required. Specifically, it was an opportunity for us to expand our knowledge network in architectural firms and manage a project aimed at the tertiary level. Given the excellent result, the hope is that, with mutual satisfaction, we will be able to continue the collaboration relationship also for future projects.”


Project: Esse and Bi studio

Project team: Arch. Sebastiano Coriglione, Arch. Barbara M. Bartocci, Arch. Giada Bevilacqua

Ownership: 452b S.c.a.r.l

Management: Engineering S.p.A.

Photo: Esse and Bi studio