Resstende has contributed to the redevelopment of Monterosa91, the former headquarters of the Sole24ore in Milan. In the project designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), the headquarters is transformed into an office complex surrounded by greenery, between coworking and shops, bars, spaces dedicated to culture, leisure and well-being, without giving up the business world.
Our company was involved in the building regeneration project by replacing 1121 solar shades on the facade and restoring the existing structures. Confirming the intention to further open the building in via Monte Rosa 91 to the life of the city, they testify to the desire to bring the windows back to their original brilliance, replacing the blinds and changing their colour. The fabric chosen by the Piano studio is Soltis 92 Perform, grey on one side and reflective on the other, a feature that prevents the entry of heat up to 97% by acting as a heat shield. Indeed, its micro-openings filter the heat, reducing the building’s energy costs while maintaining optimal glare control. The fabric combined with an excellent transparency effect not only improves the visual comfort of the environment, but guarantees a refined effect of continuity between the exterior and the interior.

It was an honour for our company to be part of the project signed by Renzo Piano, aimed at the redevelopment and energy saving of that area.” – says Rossella Gerosa, Project Manager in Resstende – “In collaboration with the studio we have developed a special project, choosing a new, more performing fabric from a thermal and energy point of view, a fundamental aspect on which the entire regeneration of the building was based” .


  • AXA IM Alts gestore dell’immobile per conto dei propri clienti
  • J&A Consultants Project e Construction Manager
  • RPBW per la progettazione architettonica del complesso