The Emergency Children’s Surgery Centre is progressing day by day. Since 2017, Resstende has been involved in the design of the paediatric hospital that will be a hub of excellence for the entire continent. The facility will offer free treatment to the population and will be a centre of reference for Ugandan patients and children with surgical needs from all over Africa. STUDIO RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP DESIGNED THE HOSPITAL STRUCTURE IN COLLABORATION WITH TAMASSOCIATI, BUILDING ACCORDING TO THE TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUE TYPICAL OF THE BATTURA PISÈ EARTH THAT IS FIRST EXCAVATED THEN COMPACTED, GUARANTEEING RESISTANCE AND STABILITY. Everything revolves around the earth, with its intense ferrous red colour. The idea behind the Studio RPBW project is to boost pride in this ancient technique, using the same construction principles as traditional houses but in an innovative way.

«We were truly thrilled when the last sunshade system was installed in the new building that will house the Emergency Children’s Surgery Centre,” FABIO GASPARINI, CEO OF RESSTENDE, remarks with pride. “Reaching this stage is always anticipated with great trepidation but in this case, it is amplified by the nature of the project itself. This hospital will bring great benefits in a complex nation such as Uganda. Every detail of the realisation of the roller systems for the Paediatric Surgery Centre in Entebbe was carried out scrupulously and under my direct supervision. Being part of this project as donors is a great honour for me and for all of Resstende.».

The installation of Resstende’s 85 BOSTON 110 roller blind systems has to patiently wait for the hospital construction to be completed. The BOSTON system, being designed by Resstende for façades, is presented as an elegant yet highly technical motorised system, specifically developed for external applications on curtain walls. Selected for this project was the CT110 round headbox and round FD42 hem bar in extruded aluminium, suitably weighted. The upper and lower mounting has been completed with brackets designed ad-hoc for this particular construction. Each system is motorised with a 230V/50 Hz – 15 Nm motor.

THE FABRIC SELECTED BY THE ARCHITECTS IS THE SHADING SUNSCREEN SATINÉ 5500, with an openness factor of 4%, composed of 42% fibreglass and 58% PVC, being fireproof as well as having excellent lightfastness (7/8) and good dimensional stability. THE COLOUR CHOSEN IS ORANGE, CODE 0909, which is well suited to the nuances of this area.

«We look forward to being able to personally visit this health and medical reception centre, to whose realisation we have contributed with great joy,” », concludes Gasparini.


Uganda – Entebbe, Uganda

From 2013–2021


  • 85 roller blind systems model Boston CT 110
    • 5 systems L 185 x H 194 cm
    • 24 systems L 125 x H 331 cm
    • 28 systems L 125 x H 220 cm
    • 28 systems L 125 x H 215 cm
  • Fabric: Sunscreen Satiné 5500 – orange colour, code 0909.


RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Studio TAMassociati