The very central HOTEL DEI CAVALIERI DI MILANO has undergone an important restoration with a contemporary touch. Objective: the refurbishment of the interiors and the creation of additional floors dedicated to the rooms. The project, by the ONE WORKS Studio, also saw the creation of a panoramic restaurant located on the tenth floor of the building. The new space needed a sunshade that did not impede but actually embellished the breath-taking view of the Milanese skyline.

In coordination with Architect Pietro Bagnoli of Studio ONE WORKS, Resstende studied a completely custom-made solar shading system able to coherently integrate with the historicity of the building whilst bearing the right degree of hi-tech innovation.

The Resstende Project Managers ANGELO FURIA and ROSSELLA GEROSA have commenced with the installation of 90 roller systems: 44 horizontal and 46 vertical sunshades. The plates, at the tip of the glazed roof, were designed to serve as housings for the cables of the horizontal sunshades and as a headbox for the vertical sunshades. Thus, they must be able to combine the cables of the horizontal sunshades and the headbox of the vertical sunshades in a single solution.

The DALLAS model with a round CT 135 headbox and TRACTION KIT 75 was chosen to screen the horizontal glazing. These elegant motorised systems with an exclusive design and high technical characteristics were specifically designed for external applications on curtain walls.

For the vertical systems, another 46 Dallas models were installed with a round CT 110 headbox and the Traction Kit 55, as the exclusive forced traction device designed for outdoor systems in order to give effective tension to the fabric in vertical and horizontal applications. Capable of counteracting the power of the wind with the controlled energy of the gas pistons housed in the round hem bar, the system ensures greater stability to the shade mounted outdoors.

The choice of textiles fell to the white/silver texture of VUSCREEN CATANIA – code 31968, which, with sophisticated elegance, fits into the design of the terrace of the Hotel dei Cavalieri, letting the city skyline shine through without visitors being dazzled by the light and, at the same time, without obscuring the breath-taking view. Made of 100% polyester, it has an openness factor of 4%, excellent lightfastness and a water-repellent characteristic, being ideal for outdoor installations.

Chronology: 2017 – 2020
Location: Milan, Italy
Client: Generali Real Estate
Design: One-Works
Photo: © Diana Lapin