2021, a year still complicated under many aspects related to the pandemic situation, nevertheless proved to be positive for Resstende, which continued to prove to be a solid and reliable company.

We have managed to adapt to the situation, focusing on dynamics that will prove to be, we are sure, fundamental and positive over the next few months”, comments Fabio Gasparini.

This year the Contract area has expanded a lot thanks on the one hand, to our ability to weave fruitful and satisfying collaborations with the leading designers on the international scene, and on the other hand by virtue of a rigorous strengthening of our commercial network, which has made it possible to respond more and more precisely to the needs of the market“.

Resstende is a company well rooted in the Italian economic market, and for the next year it aims to have an increasingly strong presence on some target markets, including at an international level. In the wake of the positive experience linked to the birth of the Resstende Shanghai Noosa Headquarters, coordinated by Kenzo Tamada, in fact, in 2022 Resstende will inaugurate new sales offices in Russia. “Made in Italy is the quality that is most sought after and appreciated by customers abroad and that has always distinguished us. In order to conquer international markets, it is necessary to focus on quality deriving from attention to detail and the continuous search for customized solutions, to meet the ever-changing design needs”, comments Fabio Gasparini.

Another important novelty, this time in Italy, will be the birth of the new and innovative Lombard headquarters in the early months of 2022. The new headquarters, thanks to the breadth and design concept of the spaces, will be able to transmit and narrate in an increasingly effective way the brand identity. “The project for the new headquarters has a specific objective: to make the mentality that guides Resstende run on the same track with the physicality linked to the building that hosts it, immediately returning to the visitor the image of the company and its vocation for design and to innovation”, says Gasparini. “The new headquarters represents the realization of those values ​​of beauty, sustainability and well-being that have always animated our company“.