The initiative that saw Resstende as technical partner of the Healthy Project signed by Massimiliano Mandarini was staged at Superstudio Più, in the Outdoor Garden area. The project more than ever highlights the company’s pragmatic approach and its vision of sustainability. In fact, the initiative was born as a response to the themes of Climate Change and the post-Pandemic New Normal.

The Project is a sustainable, circular, plastic free and off-grid Oasis of Human Design; biophilic, empathic and modular architectures for the city and the countryside, where you can take time and care for yourself, for healthy lifestyles and Healthy Living environments. And it is precisely the concept of Healthy Living that has pushed our reality to marry this specific Fuorisalone, because it perfectly responds to Resstende’s ambition which aims in every project to connect and incorporate people with the environment that surrounds them, reconnecting the human nature with the natural world. The initiative, open to the general public, catalysed the attention of visitors, designers and the media, distinguishing itself for its ability to blend the worldly approach, typical of Milan Design Week, thanks to which it was possible to return to shake the hand of friends and customers, to the desire to experience the profound meaning of this new way of conceiving design, that is currently inherent in every single Resstende mission.