RessVibes – People Projects Stories creates in the mind of the reader a clear image of the dynamism and fervour typical of Resstende. The abbreviation of the brand name combined with the English version of “vibrations” gives the idea of ​​an innovative, young and fun format, a social solution suitable for all-round communication. The three words that make up the payoff make the direction of the project clear: to emphasize Resstende’s collaborations, both those within the company and those established with architects and designers. A lively story of company stories and the most interesting projects.

The project consists of a succession of visual narratives that tell what Resstende is through the eyes of the beholder: the Gasparini family, the large internal team, the architects with whom we collaborate every day, the real estate experts and the window fabricators. Through narrative voices and an emotional video montage, RessVibes intends to convey a strong message with respect to quality, design tailoring, the exquisitely Italian soul of Resstende, a reality that starts from afar to inspire the present and capable of reaching every boldest project.

Thanks to RessVibes, the company wants to celebrate in a new way the People and Human Capital that allow it to present itself as a leader in the sector of solar shading and technical roller blinds. The high quality and completely tailored solutions produced by the Agrate company are made thanks to the professionalism and great skills of the people. Without them, the company would be just a thought.

«RessVibes is a unique project that allows us to discover how others perceive Resstende. Each of us appreciates different details depending on the “lenses” he brings and the experiences lived with us. Let’s discover them together along this journey! », Riccardo Gasparini Managing Director of Resstende.

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