The new Headquarter of Resstende in Arcore will officially open its doors in 2023 and will implement the current historic headquarters in Agrate Brianza.

The project for the new headquarters, carried out by architect Ivo Pellegri, is characterized by strong elements of sustainability, guaranteeing safety and energy efficiency, increasingly important and widespread topics in corporate daily life, essential to lay the foundations for a far-sighted vision aimed at future.

Resstende’s goal is not simply the construction of a new headquarters, but aims to create a dynamic and continuous environment that can be innovative and as a source of inspiration for visitors.

New technologies need adequate space, and for this reason we have decided to invest in a new, modern and up-to-date headquarters that will represent a new opportunity for development and growth for us” comments Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director of Resstende.

Developed on 4 floors and with about 6000 square meters of surface, the new Business District includes large workspaces, training rooms, showrooms, areas dedicated to welcoming and sharing that meet the highest standards of workspace, connoting itself as an ecosystem of environments focused on collaboration and relationships between people.