Resstende took part as a guest in the award ceremony of the “Living Outdoor/Outdoor Living” contest, which concluded the Emilia Romagna edition of the Architetti in Tour project.

The event was held at the renowned Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza and was sponsored by the Order of Architects of Forlì Cesena and the Municipality of Faenza. The nature of the contest facilitated the creation of a constructive dialogue between all protagonists of the event and favoured the exchange of ideas on topics of great interest in relation to outdoor design.

Five studios were awarded and had the opportunity to bring their projects to the stage, presenting the ideas that inspired them and that allowed them to reach the apex of the contest. An interesting analysis was carried out regarding the solutions that have been implemented in the conception of spacial distribution, in the use of materials and in the search for new ways to make the outdoors more liveable.

The operation of Architect Alfonso Femia, of Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia, who exhibited his vision of professional experimentation in the vast field of exterior design, was very striking.

Fabio Gasparini remarks: «Taking part in this type of event offers the chance to come into contact with innovations, ideas and concepts. Paying attention to the path that leads to the realisation of pioneering projects opens up the mind and projects thoughts towards the future and the achievements to come.»