The FORUM PERSPECTIVE EU was held in Rome at the Waldorf Astoria Resort, organised by the publishing group “The Plan”, and saw the involvement of OVER 220 COMPANIES, WITH MORE THAN 500 PARTICIPANTS FROM ALL OVER EUROPE, OVER 1,000 ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS, 30 WORKSHOPS AND 50 PANEL DISCUSSIONS.

Resstende could not miss out on this appointment of primary importance for the sector. Managing Director Fabio Gasparini and Project Manager Angelo Furia took part, adding their contribution by presenting the most recent projects: from the innovative and ecological DAVINES VILLAGE by Matteo Thun to the now well-known PALAZZO FELTRINELLI – Herzog & de Meuron, finally concluding with a work-in-progress, the EMERGENCY HOSPITAL IN UGANDA, created with the Studio RPBW.
For Resstende, the Perspective event represents an important opportunity for discussion and dialogue with architecture, engineering and plant consultants, public entities, but also partners and companies at the forefront of research and with a high quality profile, together with developers and real estate operators attentive to contemporary architecture.