Emblematic of Resstende’s inexhaustible research that aims towards balanced elegance is the new collection of fabrics for roller blinds proposed by the Agrate Brianza company, experimenting with a new concept of contemporary sobriety, perfect for interiors with a modern style.

Indeed, “sophisticated simplicity” is the slogan that accompanies the Pure collection, a symposium of neutral tones and natural textures that are easy to approach, where luxury meets refined essentiality.

Clear textures, harmonious material effects, special prints and refined finishes are blended to give life to a compositional rigour that contributes to defining the precise character of the room, in which the interior blind is no longer limited to being a mere accessory but rather takes on a leading role that contributes to defining the style of the room. The stylistic study of the collection invites people to set their own stage as they please. With Pure, Resstende demonstrates how originality in contemporary blind fabrics knows no barriers, moving the confines of conventions forward to make room for creativity and the most sought-after glamour.

The Pure fabrics, combined with Resstende technical systems, become a tool that fully celebrates the functional comfort of technical blinds in the home, shading the light whilst easing the impact of heat inside the room, all the whilst ensuring the necessary privacy. The Pure collection is configured as a symbol of a new way of conceiving interior blinds, expressing a discreet and composed luxury, free from the tyrannies of passing fads.