Resstende did not hesitate to support the initiative promoted by Nico Acampora, the founder of PizzAut, a social inclusion laboratory run by autistic children, is active in Cassina de ‘Pecchi Milan.

The installation consists of 13 internal screens roller blinds: F112 model, with metal chain. The curtains are fixed to the wall with 52 x 80 mm fixing brackets and white PVC bracket covers. The F21 backdrop is also white in color and made of extruded aluminum with PVC caps. The selected fabric is the Soltis Perform 92 shading, white color cod. 38044 and Soltis Lounge 96 red color cod. 39855: shades that integrate harmoniously with the decor of the location, giving freshness and natural light to the environment thanks to the 4% opening factor that characterizes the microperforation of the fabric. White was chosen as the predominant color enriched by red which represents the lively identity of PizzAut.

Resstende has set itself the goal of ensuring a welcoming atmosphere for both customers and the team of young people who work there.

photo © Diana Lapin



Soltis Perform 92 bianco cod. 38044
Soltis Lounge 96 rosso cod. 39855