Also for 2020, Resstende – as a leader in the sunshade sector – continues its strategic collaboration with Theatro, with a container of events and conferences dedicated to architects, industry experts and enthusiasts, located in the heart of Brianza in Verano. With reference to the year that has just begun, there will be a schedule rich in meetings, lectures and events dedicated to the story of Italian experiences and projects expertly integrated with the contributions of international guests.

For 2020, Theatro has defined a “magic formula” for the realisation of its objectives, MEET+THINK+BUILD, which indicates the balanced mix between the various types of events that will take centre stage.

For years, Resstende has been part of the event organised by Theatro, including as a direct protagonist, sharing case histories with high added value and bringing the know-how that comes from over 40 years of experience in the sunshade sector. FOR THE YEAR 2020, THE COMPANY IN AGRATE BRIANZA HAS DECIDED TO PROUDLY CONTINUE THE PARTNERSHIP WITH THEATRO IN THE ROLE OF MAIN PARTNER.

This initiative will kick off the rich 2020 schedule will be TEDxBrianza, which will take place on 15th February. As the first event dedicated exclusively to this territory, it will explode the theme of “Open To …” as an investigation of the complexities of a cosmopolitan reality like that of Brianza, a territory seeking to knock down the barriers dictated by the physicality of the territory by exploiting the power of ideas.