LEED®, as the acronym for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, is one of the most important certifications in the field of eco-friendliness existing in Italy today. RESSTENDE BENEFITS FROM OBTAINING NUMEROUS CREDITS REGARDING ITS TOP PRODUCTS THAT CONTRIBUTE TO THE LEED® AIMS.

The calculation of credits is the result of an activity called MAPPING, carried out by a LEED AP professional technician and expressed in a document that can refer to a single product or a family of products. Thanks to the careful analyses carried out by QualityNet Srl and the evaluation scale generated, THE PRODUCTS OF THE COMPANY BASED IN AGRATE BRIANZA CAN BE USED IN THE CONTEXT OF THE CONSTRUCTION OF LEED®-CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS.

But the benefits don’t end there … RESSTENDE MAY DIGITALLY AND PHYSICALLY APPLY THE ASSIGNED GREENITOP® PRODUCT BADGE on the packaging of its products to immediately identify the company as the ideal partner for constructing sustainable buildings. THE BADGE DIRECTLY INDICATES THE CREDITS THAT THE COMPANY CAN CONTRIBUTE TO GUARANTEEING THROUGH THE SUPPLY OF ITS PRODUCTS, in accordance with the LEED® guidelines.

«We are thrilled to have achieved this result, as a sign that communicates the strength of Resstende and confirms that our gaze is fixed ever onwards and upwards, both in terms of product quality and sustainability», comments RICCARDO GASPARINI, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF RESSTENDE.