Resstende for NABA: a contemporary and visionary project

Resstende for NABA: a contemporary and visionary project

Resstende has signed an extremely contemporary and innovative project to protect the entrance to the new NABA headquarters, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, in Rome. Ten horizontal roller systems create a dialogue of shapes, lights, shadows and colors.

In the particular context of NABA, in which the vision of the future is made present and materialized in the hands of the students, it was necessary to create a suitable solar shading for the long corridor leading to the entrance to create a cool and shaded area. There are a total of ten horizontal roller systems installed, five on each side of the corridor. The rollers cover an overall width of over 11 meters for a depth that exceeds 16 m.
The model selected for this installation is the Dallas 135 system, elegant and motorized, with an exclusive design and high technical content. The round box CT 135 in extruded aluminum consists of a fixed part and a removable part that can be inspected for any maintenance of the blind. The structure was made of light gray color – Ral 7035, with cables and brackets in stainless steel. To overcome the difficulties arising from the extended dimensions of the project and to ensure the best sealing of the sheets, the Dallas systems have been enriched with the exclusive convergent Traction kit 75, for the meeting of the backdrops in the center of the corridor.

Here, when the roller blinds are open, inimitable plays of light and shadows are created that chase each other, depending on the time of day, giving life to the new space. Here, color becomes as important as the size of the spaces. Clean lines and dry geometry for a contemporary architecture that learns from the past and innovates in a solution that integrates perfectly into the local context.
Vuscreen Catania fabric, caramel / gray color – cod. 31957. The double textile weave ensures that the fabric actively interacts with the sun’s rays and with the position of the spectator: the curtains are dressed in different colors, almost like a spell, depending on whether they are seen looking out from the classrooms on the upper floors or along the corridor of the Campus.
System: 10 Dallas 135 with Ø85 roller and converging horizontal Traction Kit 75. Motor operated. Structure color RAL 7035 light gray. Structure, cables and brackets in stainless steel
Dimensions: L 270 x H 563 cm
Fabric: Vuscreen Catania caramel / gray color, cod. 31957

Location: NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts. Via Ostiense, 92 – Rome
Chronology: 2020
Supplier: EMMEGI SRL

CREDITS: Photo by Fabio Di Carlo