Dear Client,

We are pleased to announce that RICCARDO GASPARINI and KENZO TAMADA have been appointed to Export Sales positions.

Here are the addresses to get in touch and the areas of expertise:

Riccardo Gasparini

  1. +39 366 6328492

@ /

ZONES    Africa, Americas, Balkans, Greece, Ireland, Middle East, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey


Kenzo Tamada

  1. +39 366 6297957

@ /

ZONES    Asia, Australia, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden


We wish to take this opportunity to thank Alessandro Tironi who has supported us over the years with his professionalism.

We are confident that the expertise of RICCARDO GASPARINI and KENZO TAMADA will be able to support you in your projects and to propose the most interesting Resstende solutions in line with your needs.

Soon, the new commercial figures will organise a fact-finding visit and will be at your complete disposal for every need.

Thank you for your attention. Kind regards,
Marketing Department