The fabric of a sunshade becomes an integral part of the entire system. The colour, texture and composition of the fabric together contribute to the overall success of the project. In this sense, technical fabrics are able to overcome historic barriers dictated by the characteristics of natural fibres to obtain enviable results.

RESSTENDE RECOMMENDS ITS CUSTOMERS PAY ABSOLUTE ATTENTION TO THE SPECIFIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CHOSEN FABRICS. Depending on the use of the context in which the sunshades will be inserted, it may be necessary to favour fireproof fabrics, perfect for the kitchen area, for example. It may come as a surprise but if the aim is to achieve a significant shield against the sun’s rays, focusing on dark fabrics tending towards black is ideal. IN FACT, THE DYE HAS A SIGNIFICANT INFLUENCE ON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE FABRIC.

It is therefore necessary to study the project thoroughly to find the right balance between visual comfort, design, functionality and the degree of shielding from sunlight. One solution can be the use of Linum, an innovative textile from the Teknik collection, as a décor fabric designed to wisely combine aesthetics and functionality.

Linum is a Class 1 fireproof shading fabric with zero toxicity, able to be combined with all indoor systems without side channels and contained in the 2018 Resstende price list. THE COMPOSITION OF THE FABRIC, 100% POLYESTER FR, IMITATES THE STRUCTURE OF NATURAL LINEN TO THUS PRESERVE ITS AESTHETIC CHARACTERISTICS BY EVOKING A SENSE OF NATURALITY.

Available in different shades reminiscent of the earth and the elements of nature, LINUM IS AN EXCELLENT ALLY.