Resstende – a company that has always been a leader in the sector of blackout and shading roller shutters – is ready to return to the international scene, bringing with it the know-how typical of Made in Italy production.

BETWEEN 22nd AND 24th SEPTEMBER 2020, RESSTENDE WILL BE THE PROTAGONIST OF ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FAIRS IN THE CONTRACT SECTOR, BEING THE BIG 5 CONSTRUCT TO BE HELD IN CAIRO, EGYPT. The country is at the heart of an unprecedented urban development and enjoys the benefits of a very strong expansion in terms of mega-projects in the area of the capital but also the construction of entire tourist and residential compounds all along the coastline, from that facing the Mediterranean to the extents bathed by the Red Sea. Great opportunities for the Italian company based in Brianza are to be seized thanks to the participation in these grandiose projects.

MADE IN ITALY IS ONE OF THE MOST SOUGHT-AFTER QUALITIES FOR INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTORS because it is synonymous with precision in researching the product and attention to every detail of the design and production. Resstende perfectly embodies all these characteristics and goes even further, thanks to the exclusive and custom-made service offered to the architects and contractors with whom it collaborates.

«The blackout systems are not to be understood as blinds applied to the windows but as an integral part of the structure and of the overall architectural project. This is the thinking that drives us to work closely with world-renowned architects and, thus, to participate in an international meeting of such high value as the Big 5 next September. We are eager to discover the next challenges that await us,” comments RICCARDO GASPARINI, Managing Director of Resstende..