Resstende is always on the lookout for innovative ideas, and once again has not missed the opportunity to support an extraordinary initiative. “LuOgo – Building the common space” is the new project conceived by the horizontal collective together with Edilpiù, the installation that will animate the historic center of Lugo in the province of Ravenna during the summer season.

The goal of the project is to offer a multifaceted meeting place, an intimate and public space at the same time, giving life to an open-air room. It is a perfect example of how a temporary micro-architecture can act as an element of aggregation in the city.

Resstende supported the building of the structure by providing technical shading able to screen the perimeter area, constituting a real arena. The fabric chosen is the shading Sunscreen Satinè 5500 in linen color – cod. 30020 with an opening coefficient of 4%, which guarantees the right atmosphere, fitting perfectly into the surrounding natural context.

The initiative is part of the broader corporate project to enhance the area and its beauties, a fundamental aspect that Resstende has always supported.