Resstende, technical partner at the service of Stefano Boeri studio on the occasion of the exhibition “Who is on stage! One hundred years of shows in Ostia Antica (1922-2022)”

The Roman theater in Ostia Antica hosts from 21 May to 23 October 2022 the exhibition “Who is on stage! One hundred years of shows in Ostia Antica (1922 – 2022)”

Thanks to the contribution of Studio Stefano Boeri Architetti, which took care of the design of the exhibition modules, and of Resstende, technical partner for the textile screens to protect the modules, it will be possible to discover the exhibition itinerary of the exhibition, where the numerous materials of archives that philologically trace the long history of the theater.

Resstende was chosen by Electa, the publishing house that took care of the design of the exhibition, thanks to Anastasia Kucherova, Special Project Coordinator at Stefano Boeri Architetti, for the supply of 16 textile bands to ensure the best solar and solar protection inside the forms. The 4 site-specific designed display modules saw the intervention of the company, specialized in technical roller blind systems, which proposed a fabric that allows light to go in and at the same time to protect from external agents.

Resstende, under the coordination of the sales manager Saverio Mini, responded to the need to create a scenographic backdrop for the entrance to the modules. The fabric chosen by the Studio is the shading Sunscreen Satiné 5500 in anthracite color – cod. 30030, with an opening coefficient of 4%. The graphic design of the exhibition was developed by graphic designer Irene Bacchi of Studio Sonnoli in Rimini and the white screen printing on the fabrics was subsequently carried out by the company Califano Pubblicità from Monza.

The dark color of the fabric allows it to retain heat and is ideal for lowering the temperature inside the individual display modules, to ensure the right atmosphere in order to best enhance the historical artistic evidence on display. For each structure there are four textile bands, cut following the vaulted profile of the module and allowing a better crossing of visitors. The maximum coverage of the sheets, in height, is 5 meters up to a total of 3 meters in width.