The BIT is an event designed to bring together the Ticino real estate world. Kenzo Tamada, Export Manager & China Branch Director of Resstende, wanted to take the opportunity to tackle this new and thriving market thanks to the synergy with BeSpace.

At the event, architects, artisans, designers, promoters and experts were asked to discuss issues of transversal interest for this cluster. The event saw prestigious guests and a large number of visitors who underline the need for this kind of events that allow companies to strengthen their contacts and expand their network of collaborations with the various players in the Ticino real estate world.

The stand designed by BeSpace to welcome visitors represented the synergy of different indoor and outdoor elements. Resstende and Serge Ferrari participated in the event as partners of BeSpace, a Lugano-based company that connects business excellence and professionals, an incubator for young talents (architects, designers and engineers) and a generator of synergies. The event played a strategic role linked to the economic, commercial and marketing development of the company, which again had the opportunity to present proposals, services and projects in a different and extremely interesting context.