The narrative by chapters of RESSVIBES – People Projects Stories, the communication format of Resstende dedicated to virtuous collaborations, aimed at enhancing the People, Projects and Stories that make the company a solid and constantly evolving international reality continues.

«RessVibes is a unique project that allows you to discover how others perceive Resstende. A format that embraces a corporate vision that conceives goal and success as the result of wonderful collaboration with people. These are the people without whom we would not be what we are today. RessVibes is our way of celebrating the value of relationships because each of us appreciates details and differentiates according to the “lenses” he brings and the experiences he has lived with us», says Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director of Resstende.

Waiting for the third chapter, close to publication, let’s review the journey through the faces and words of the protagonists of the first two thematic focuses! From the words of those who live every day in the company, striving to convey a strong message regarding quality, design tailoring, the exquisitely Italian soul of the brand.

Here is the video contribution of Fabio Gasparini, Chief Executive Officer, Riccardo Gasparini, Managing Director, Carlotta Gasparini, Administrative Director, and then again Roberto Lupi, Italy Sales Director, Angelo Furia, Senior Project Manager, Rossella Gerosa, Project Manager, Kenzo Tamada, Export Manager and China Branch Director, Afa Chan, General Manager Resstende Shanghai Noosa.

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The “narrative” voices of the second thematic focus are the architects. A decisive relationship with the designers: with the use of their high professionalism and high skills, Resstende creates quality solutions and design tailoring every day. In the video, the contributions of Arch. Pietro Bagnoli – Architect and Director of One Works, Rossella Gerosa – Project Manager Resstende, Gianandrea Barreca – Architect and Founder of Barreca & La Varra, Marisa Corso – CEO of MC International.

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