RESSTENDE INTERIOR BLINDS are much appreciated by internationally-renowned designers and architects. Although it may seem easy, the choice of interior blinds needs to take into consideration many different factors, such as tastes, needs, furnishings and functionality. There is a shade for every style of living, hence there are many types of this piece of décor available, distinguished by the textile, structure and means of installation.


Interior blinds owe their creation to a practical need, namely to protect the rooms of the house from the sun’s rays and from external gazes, thus ensuring privacy for homes and workplaces.

Obviously, over time, the need for beauty has been added to this functional prerogative, which combines perfectly with functionality to create an indispensable embellishment.

For this reason, the blinds for interiors – whilst continuing to exercise the function of protecting the internal environment – have also become very personal choices in satisfying the aesthetic taste of those who choose them.


It is very easy to make the mistake of thinking that indoor blinds are mass-produced – all the same size, in the same type of fabric, with standard dimensions and colours to be adapted down the track. But if you want an interior blind that fully satisfies your desire for aesthetics and functionality, it must be made-to-measure.

Choosing the textile and evaluating the size of the panels transform a piece of hanging fabric into an actual indoor blind. The product thus defined becomes a true masterpiece. Hence, it is obvious that the choice of the company to complete the work is just as vital. And RESSTENDE is precisely the type of company that will be able to transform the desire for a perfect piece of décor into reality.


Choosing the right fabric is a fundamental aspect for home or workplace sunshades, being the element that will harmonise all furnishings. Opting for a textile that complements the upholstery of armchairs, sofas and cushions ensures the blinds complete and don’t compete with everything else. It is not simple to achieve. The characteristics of the fabrics and the way they hang once installed are characteristics that are well-known by experts in the sector.

Hence, it is a good idea to consult with them. Modern production includes many types of fabric, not only natural ones such as linen, cotton and hemp. Those who are experts in the field can also identify an alternative type of fabric that harmonises perfectly with the décor and style of the environment.


Each piece of the décor that will be inserted in an environment completed with furniture and furnishings will have to align with everything else. It is no different for indoor blinds. It is not just the structure or type that are important, not merely the print of the fabric but also the quality and the way it “hangs” once installed.

The overall style of the environment must be kept homogeneous in order to achieve a result that is pleasing to the eye. Also here, the advice of the experts is fundamental, since they know the characteristics of the fabrics, their ability to cover or shield and even the impact that the blinds will have in the surrounding environment. DIY is fun and all but sometimes you have to trust in those who know best.

Resstende’s interior blinds encapsulate all the experience of a company that has been operating in the sector for twenty years. Passion, technological know-how and attention to aesthetic values are the winning formula that Resstende applies in producing practical, robust and easy-to-assemble interior blinds.

From the fabrics to the headboxes to the side channels, each component is studied and manufactured with the utmost care. Choosing from amongst Resstende’s numerous models of interior blinds also means counting on a series of articulated pre- and post-sales services which, amongst others, include the custom-made design of components or blinds and on-site assistance for any installation matters.