BeSpace is an unconventional place dedicated to excellence, created to favour the “brain-matching” of the worksites of today and tomorrow. AS A LEADER IN ITS SECTOR AND INNOVATOR OF EXCELLENCE IN THE SALE OF TECHNICAL ROLLING BLINDS, RESSTENDE WAS AN OBVIOUS CHOICE IN BECOMING A BESPACE PARTNER. The products of the Agrate Brianza company are certainly appreciated by internationally-renowned designers and architects who participate in BeSpace initiatives, which is firmly aligned between supply and demand in terms of worksites, creating the perfect meeting point between manufacturer and user.

For 2020, a programme rich in events, seminars and training, with about one event per month, is planned within the BeSpace macro-container. In this context, Resstende will play a leading role given its partnership of excellence. The new season of events begins on 7th February with the award ceremony of SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects), Ticino 2020. A prominent event on Resstende’s radar is scheduled for next 26th March: Kenzo Tamada, China Branch Director & Export Manager for the Agrate Brianza company, Resstende Shanghai Noosa, will speak at the event dedicated to partners, taking place at the BeSpace site in Lugano-Paradiso.