A smarter home routine and more stimulating relaxation – this is the result of the new technology connected to Resstende’s QMotion® automatic interior decorative blinds.
They bring iconic interiors to life thanks to perfectly calibrated illumination through regular batteries, without electric cables and without masonry works thanks to the distinctive character of QMotion®.

The innovative Resstende system, which allows you to adjust the natural light and adorn the space with personality and character, is enriched with a hi-tech detail that is unique on the market, taking advantage of the new-generation ZigBee technology that allows QMotion® shades to communicate with home automation systems to experience the most advanced home domotics.

The wireless automation incorporated into the roller guarantees a quick and easy installation, perfect for those wanting to embellish residential or office environments with modern and elegant technical shades, without renouncing the best that technology has to offer.
The new ZigBee technology, on the 4.2 GHz band, with which QMotion® is equipped, revolutionises the concept of indoor blinds that become an element with a high technological gradient thanks to which light within the spaces is regulated and, if necessary, defines different zones, for full control of the settings, without any effort or stress.

The QMotion® system combines with the RESSTENDE range of INTERIOR TECHNICAL FABRICS, offering a minimalist, modern and functional design and able to be operated manually, with remote control or remotely via smartphone or tablet.
The innovative solution is only the most recent of Resstende’s technological systems that are all simple to install, use and maintain, able to contribute to improving people’s lifestyles, with particular attention to cost management and energy savings, both as part of renovations or for new works.