Resstende technology meets the iconic Mid Century style of Borgo Sant’Andrea in Amalfi

Resstende is one of the protagonists of the intense work of relooking and renovating an enchanting refuge in the heart of the Amalfi Coast: Borgo Sant’Andrea, a luxury residence where design and craftsmanship create a refined atmosphere of enormous charm.

A unique destination, which invites its guests to relax, immersed in the scent of olive and lemon trees in the gardens overlooking one of the most enchanting views in the world. 45 rooms and suites, private beach and pier, 3 restaurants, beach club and fitness center: all the spaces in Borgo Sant’Andrea are aimed at creating an immersive and multisensory experience.

The aesthetic language of Borgo Sant’Andrea expresses the great quality of Made in Italy in every aspect, declining it in different and harmoniously combined ways: the iconic Mid Century style, emblem of Italian design, meets here the great tradition of regional craftsmanship, jointly interpreted and celebrated throughout the structure by leading local and international design and architecture experts in the sector.

Resstende comes into play in this attentive and personalized Italian Mood: chosen for the distinctive precision and quality of its completely custom made products, the brand has managed to give a high value component to a very high profile project. The one for Borgo Sant’Andrea in fact stands out for being an ambitious and extremely sought-after realization of synthesis between Italian style, local charm and natural beauty: on this occasion Resstende was able to express all its know-how in terms of integrated design, combining solutions highly technological and aesthetic research.

The shading system designed by Resstende fits with rare elegance within a Luxury Hotel context, setting its roller systems between the characteristic village of Conca dei Marini and the beautiful mountains of the Amalfi Coast.

Resstende screens: horizontal canopies overlooking the sea
In the project, Resstende screens are expressed as horizontal veils with traction systems and cable guides. The key principle that guided the design was to combine a functional need dictated by the nature of the location overlooking the sea – resistance to strong winds – with an aesthetic research aimed at enhancing the stylistic principles of the project while creating a continuous dialogue with the outdoors.

The result is impressive: a clean and hi-tech design, elegantly inserted in the context, between rocky backgrounds and floral cascades of the splendid Borgo Sant’Andrea garden.

Each canopy is enriched by the Traction Kit System, the exclusive forced traction device designed specifically for outdoor systems in order to give effective tension to the fabric in horizontal applications. Housed inside the FD75 backdrop, the Traction Kit system, by means of gas pistons, ensures greater stability to the roller blind outdoors, even in the presence of strong wind.

There are eight systems installed, all motorized. All the structures are painted in white RAL 9010 and the brackets have been designed according to drawings to better adapt to the existing iron structures.

Starscreen is the innovative shading fabric used for the project, whose exceptional qualities make it unique in its kind. Not being coated with PVC, it shows a pleasant textile hand, which combined with its dimensional stability, always makes it perfect in its appearance and particularly similar to the world of furniture and architecture.

The pleasant transparency also allows you to modulate solar glare without taking away the light from the rooms. The white of the textile leaves the gaze free to fully enjoy the outdoor areas in full comfort and overlooking the sea, protected from direct sunlight.

8 horizontal systems Dallas CT 135 with Traction Kit Device and RTS radio operated motor 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions: W 280 x H 420 cm approximately
Single and double anchoring brackets specially designed

Shading fabric: Starscreen made of 100% solution-dyed PET FR for outdoor. White colour cod. 08015. Thickness 0.52 mm, weight 220 g / m2, with an opening percentage of 3.5%. Flame retardant in Italian Class 1.

Architect & Designer: Bonaventura Gambardella
Interior Designer: Nikita Bettini
Kitchen Designer: Andrea Viacava
Màkia Landscape Architect: Philip Adiutori

Fabio Di Carlo