“5 SQUARE”: this is the name of the social housing program aimed at regenerating five buildings in the southern outskirts of Milan, in the Vigentino district, where the South Agricultural Park enters deeply into the urbanization. An extraordinarily innovative project, carried out by Studio Barreca & La Varra, which provides for the refurbishment of the five buildings in order to create about 500 accommodations for subsidized housing for sale and rent, as well as a consultancy, a clinic, urban residential services, and an average sales area.

Resstende had the privilege of participating in this project (completion of works expected in spring 2022) through the creation of the facades of the 4 floors of each building.

We talk about it within our storytelling format RessVibes with Gianandrea Barreca, Architect and Founder of Barreca & La Varra.

In this Social Housing complex project we have developed a very unique project, because these buildings had large continuous balconies that we have restored and which have become great loggias. The balconies overlap and give an opening to the houses. On the south, south-west front – which overlooks Parco Sud, a district in the southern area of Milan – we have created these very unique blinds, being blinds that create this little butterfly-like play,” says Gianandrea Barreca. “In the sense that one blind is tilted outwards and one blind is tilted inwards. They alternate and have become the element that, within a very standard grid of the façade of the building, being very metric and precise in its development, the blinds – still following the metric but moving in this butterfly-like way – render the façade truly vibrant. These blinds will make this façade truly vibrant. In addition to obviously having a technical role in controlling the illumination and insolation on the terrace, they will also have a role of design and of adorning the façade. They will freshen up and enliven the entire frontage.

Fabio Gasparini, CEO Resstende, together with Rossella Gerosa, Project Manager responsible for the project, proposed the BOSTON system with CT 110 box by manual operation to screen the facades of the four floors of each building. The Sunscreen Satiné 5500 shading fabric, present in the TEKNIK Resstende Collection, in the white / pearl colour cod. 30027. Composed of 42% fiberglass and 58% PVC, fire retardant in Italian Class 1, it has an opening factor of 4% and a UV ray shielding + 96%.

The upper and lower brackets have been designed ad hoc following the inclination of the roller blinds in the various heights for having a perfect alignment of the blinds. Fundamental points in order to ensure a good installation and the optimal functioning of the system.