Strategically approaching the United Arab Emirates and international markets, intercepting new needs and specific projects of interest, these are the objectives that Resstende intended to pursue as part of the event staged from 12 to 15 September. At The Big 5 in Dubai, which was held at the World Trade Center, Resstende was present alongside the Caseitaly Collective. The event was a moment of selected and profitable commercial relations in a crucial area of ​​the MENA countries.

Collector for the Home Furnishing, Building Materials, Ceramics, Equipment and Technology, Construction sectors, the show allowed visitors to touch some of the key outdoor models such as the Boston, the Zip and L1 system with inox cable, to then move on to indoor models such as the F101, the NANO and the Laylight series. The Resstende box with the entire technical and decorative textile collection was presented to underline the stylistic versatility and sartorial ability.